about us

Stroo Design is the embodiment of the efforts and aims of two psychologists. After spending several years in our profession, we now try to transform our experience about the drives and needs of the soul in to objects that are parts of our every day life.

These pieces surround us constantly and they in evitably make an impact on our mental states. They evoke moods, feelings and thoughts this way they affect our psyche. Our award winning works and our approach are focused on well-being.

Every piece gives you opportunity to fulfill different needs.This way you can improve your relationship with yourself to be able to relate to the outside world better. In our creations we emphasize uniqueness, sustainability, and novelty in functional solutions. We believe these features lift our products to a higher level than simply functioning as furniture.

They are not only tools, they are more: in line with you.

team members

Designer: Attila Stromajer
Conceptual consultant, coordinator: Melinda Kalcsó

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